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One small step for man.......

We are getting closer!

I get more and more excited each day about the launch of the Acne Cleansing System! Just looking at the photo above gets me so excited and inspired to do so much more with my business. So today we did mock labeling and packaging, let me tell you it was so much fun. I had stayed up the day before until about 4 am creating the labels for the new system and I can say I'm thoroughly impressed! As you can see the color scheme and overall look of the labels are COMPLETELY different from the others. We wanted these products to be different, stand out and make a statement that they went together. So, we went a different route and played around with our signature insect...the bumblebee. Super cute right? With this mockup, we are one step closer to have the Acne Cleansing System ready for purchase.

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